December, 2019

The Attorney General responded to many of the concerns brought out in the Force Report hearings. And finally, also in December we were proud to have supported and celebrated the signing of the voting rights restoration of 83,000 people returning home from incarceration.

November, 2019

We stood with our colleagues calling for a reparations task force.

July, 2019

We celebrated the signing of The Restricting Isolated Confinement Act.

June, 2019

We organized Black & Latino Legislators, Statewide Clergy & Civil Rights Leaders to demand action on social & racial justice legislation for cannabis decriminalization, expungement, youth justice and restoring voting rights. Also, with the Institute we presented, “What Comes After Youth Prison Closure? A Community-Based System of Care based on Restorative and Transformative Practices.”

May, 2019

We stood with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice to declare no new youth prisons.

April, 2019

We announced in partnership with Citizen Action a push to Cover All Kids with health insurance.

March, 2019

We launched hearings in Newark, Paterson, Pleasantville, Elizabeth, Burlington, and New Brunswick to address the disturbing findings in NJ Advanced Media’s “Force Report.”

January, 2019

In response to our organized campaign Governor Phil Murphy signed S1036 into law, providing that the Attorney General handle the investigation and prosecution a person’s death that occurs during an encounter with a law enforcement officer.

October, 2018

In response to our United Black Agenda, Governor Murphy Signed an Executive Order Creating a Task Force for Youth Justice in New Jersey.

January, 2018

On his last day in office, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed racial and ethnic impact statement legislation that will provide an opportunity for lawmakers to address the state’s high rate of racial disparity incarceration.

January, 2018

In response to the 150 Years is Enough Campaign which is in partnership with the NJISJ the state announced closure to two youth prisons Jamesburg, and Hayes.

May, 2018

We stood with coalition partners on the anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education to announce a lawsuit against the state for its unconstitutionally segregated schools.


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