Criminal and Youth Justice

  • Abolishing Life and Virtual Life Imprisonment
  • Abolishing Mandatory Minimums
  • Abolishing Sentencing Disparities Through Clemency & Commutation
  • Restorative Alternatives to Prison for Young People
  • Police Accountability Through Community Oversite & Transparency
  • Abolishing the Drug War
  • Prison Oversight


  • Expanding Access to Healthcare Coverage for Kids

  • Expanding Access to and Education About Doula Care and Black Maternal Health
  • Break Every Chain: From Cradle to COVID-19 – Report on Racism in NJ Healthcare and the Call for Justice (click to view the Oct. 2020 report)


  • Organizing Local Communities Around Solutions for New Jersey’s Apartheid Schools
  • Abolishing Zero Tolerance Policies
  • Advocating for the Full Funding and Implementation of The Amistad Law

Economics & Environment

  • Fighting for Reparative Justice Measures to Close the Wealth Gap
  • Expanding Access and Education Around Job Training for Energy Efficiency
  • Educating Communities About the Effects of Environment Justice Issues on Black Communities


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