Rosalee Boyer, MHS

Rosalee’s passion includes advocacy and education. Over the years, she has worked closely with legislators and government agencies to advocate for the resolution of community-related issues on behalf of Black voters. Currently, she is working on the Youth Justice and Community Engagement initiative, a collaborative work with the New Jersey Institute of Social Justice. Rosalee leads Salvation and Social Justice’s strategic fundraising plan. Rosalee is working on the First Ladies Black Maternal Health initiative in partnership with Jefferson Health to raise the voices of Black women with lived experiences.

Rosalee believes that we can fight tirelessly to abolish systemic racism, and raise the voice of black people through Salvation and Social Justice with financial support, so as to achieve liberation and justice.

The conceptual framework for Salvation and Social Justice originated from our ministry work at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Salvation and Social Justice is in Bethel’s mission statement). It was Rev. Boyer’s vision. As a wife, ministry partner and first lady, Rosalee supports the vision and leadership.


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