J Amos Caley

Rev. J. Amos Caley facilitates, organizes, and participates in several coalitions aimed at exposing and dismantling policies, practices, and systems that criminalize politically vulnerable populations. Toward these ends, Amos lends leadership and technical support to Abolish the Drug War NJ, the Prisoner Survivor Union of NJ, and New Jersey Prison Justice Watch. Amos is committed to the process of building coalitions for policy change and cultural revolution, through centering the public discourse on the lived experiences of those most impacted by harmful policy, particularly prison survivors and their families.

As a pastor, Amos believes that the heart of Christian ministry is to faithfully and fervently work toward God’s world-changing vision of justice, found throughout scriptures, which demands release to captives, dignity to the neglected, and healing to the abused. Faith and spirituality are inseparable from walking the pathways of political liberation and racial justice. It is this vision, as well as a deep and abiding friendship with Rev. Boyer, which led Amos to work with Salvation and Social Justice, where passion for liberation is not only promoted, but nurtured.


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