Grace Appiah

Grace is deeply passionate about the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical liberation of Black people, especially Black women, and youth through the Gospel of Jesus. Her desire is to equip and cultivate the next generation of Black prayerful activists and leaders who will disrupt oppressive systems through the transformation of laws and policies in the state and beyond. These passions have allowed her to help create and lead the Black Youth Coalition (BYC) at SandSJ; an institute of social justice where Black youth are prophetically developed and equipped to actively participate in the issues that we address.

Grace works to engage Black youth and their voices into all the aspects of SandSJ specifically, the education equity space to inform and move projects such as Breaking the Barriers and Desegregation forward. She is working with the members of BYC to launch the Youth Town Hall series and the monthly prayer meeting “War Cry.”

Grace believes liberation and justice are going to be realized when we engage the work of social justice from a place of love and compassion for the marginalized like Jesus did. Liberation and justice are going to be realized when all Black people, especially young people, are free and humanized in every aspect of life. Her calling and desire to explore and deeply understand the spiritual and physical aspects of prayerful activism from a policy perspective in a practical manner led Grace to SandSJ.


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