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Admiration and Anger



In May, many of you showed up in Trenton in a 450-car funeral procession to lament those we lost on the inside of New Jersey’s deadly prisons and demand action. Last Thursday, S2519, a life-saving bill that will makeover 3000 people eligible for release passed the Senate! This bill is a critical step to saving lives as we affirm humanity over fear and racist tropes.


Thanks to those who called, emailed, posted on social media, and joined the coalition meetings. This critical victory would not be possible without your communal efforts.


A tremendous amount of admiration and thank you to the leadership and championing of Senator Nellie Pou, who advocated vociferously to move this bill forward.


But even amid this admiration, I am enraged with anger—the companion bill stalled in the Assembly. The reentry industrial complex has seeded confusion and discord to protect their funding interest. They have, in effect, held 3000 people hostage for a ransom.


Sisters and brothers, we must be more determined than ever to identify and create credible, community-based Black, Latino, and, most importantly, formerly incarcerated led reentry organizations.


Although the bill stalled in the Assembly, I want to extend a great deal of gratitude for Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, the prime sponsor and Speaker Craig Coughlin, who are working tirelessly to move this forward.


The next few weeks will be crucial, as we still need support and outreach to get A4235 passed in the Assembly. Please continue to post and conduct outreach to your legislators! Click here to take action.


Finally, we all watched the attempted lynching of Jacob Blake in front of his children. Black rage, if not for the sacred call of justice, would consume us because Jacob Blake is us. The absolute disregard for Jacob’s life and the lives of his children testify to the collective call upon us as a nation.


We must take action here in New Jersey where police officers could do the same thing, and by our deadly force standard would not be prosecuted. 


Urge your assemblypersons to support Assembly Bill A4526 introduced by Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker, clicking HERE, Also encourage the Speaker to post the bill for a hearing now.





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