Our Mission

Salvation and Social Justice seeks to liberate public policy theologically by building Black faith-rooted communication strategies, advocacy, and public education campaigns, to lift up poor, underserved, and traditionally oppressed communities with a particular focus on racial justice through abolition, restoration, transformation, and coalition.

What We’ve Done

SandSJ has built a strong coalitions of faith leaders, advocates, law makers, & civil rights leaders.

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Why Our Work is Necessary

SandSJ consistently and intentionally organizes and mobilizes the faith community around shared liberating principles through active support and participation in coalitions.

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Our Campaigns

SandSJ fights for restorative justice principles to transform the systems that are plagued with institutional racism.

Criminal & Youth Justice

New Jersey has the worst Black to white racial disparities in incarceration in the nation in both the criminal and youth justice systems.

Prejudice & Racial Disparities

African Americans are more than 3 times as likely as whites to be pepper sprayed, bitten by dogs, shot and have force used against us even though whites are more likely to use force against police.

New Jersey Racial Wealth Gaps

New Jersey is one of the most segregated states in the nation in housing and schools. New Jersey has one of the nation’s largest racial wealth gaps.

Criminal and Youth Justice

Abolishing Life and Virtual Life Imprisonment, Mandatory Minimums, Sentencing Disparities Through Clemency & Commutation.

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